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Position: News > China. Chenghai Toy Dubai Exhibition Center project was officially launched
China. Chenghai Toy Dubai Exhibition Center project was officially launched

PostDate:2010/7/9 11:53:22   From:Bright Spring Trading LTD.   Views:3537

Promoted and supported by the Shantou Chenghai Government, invested and organized by Bright Spring Trading Ltd., “China-Chenghai Toy Dubai Exhibition Center” project was officially launched. On July 8, 2010, in district government meeting hall, Chenghai Government held a grand rally for issuance, promotion and mobilization of the project. 

Ms. Ji huilin, general manager of Bright Spring Trading Ltd., made a detailed project description; Board Chairman of Qunxing company and Chairman of Chenghai Toys Association talked about the significance and feasibility of the project, as well as their support and confidence to the project; Director Chen of Chenghai Foreign Trade and Economic bureau announced the resolution of district government to encourage enterprises to participate in Chenghai toys Dubai Exhibition Center projects, and actively exploring new markets, strengthen and expand the toy industry ,also the incentive policies; in the last, the leader of government Mr. Ke Mao gave the speech to called enterprises to take the initiative to step into international market, join together to develop and carry forward the regional brand—“Chenghai Toys”, he also instructed Chenghai Foreign Trade and Economic bureau, Finance Bureau and other relevant government departments to publicize and promote the project, help sponsor enterprises and cooperative enterprises to implement the project successfully. 

Middle East market is one of the major markets of Chenghai toys, with good development prospects of emerging and potential markets. Chenghai toys Dubai Exhibition Center project aims to create a propaganda, sales, information exchange and service center in Middle East area, make it become the window and platform for Chenghai toys industry, to provide benefits to both buyers and toys manufacturers and reduce the cost of all parties.It is multi-win-win cooperation model, will have long-term impact and significance. As the organizer of this project, we are chain link in the toy industry, our company’s grow related to the progress of the industry, we will only have more space and opportunities when the entire industry keeping develop. So in planning of this project we had assessed & considered more for long-term development of Chenghai toy in the Middle East market. In particular, this project received strong support from district government, so we are more confident doing this project, we hope to drive more companies to develop and program overseas markets actively via successful operation of this project, to provide our aspiring contribution to the continual development of Chenghai toys industry.

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